Oxygen Molecules Plants Harnessed For Photosynthesis

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To tell you the truth, I used to believe that my opinions were just oxygen molecules plants harnessed for photosynthesis. They would be released into the atmosphere, consumed by flora, and transformed into glucose and carbon dioxide. However, it was not until the beginning of high school that I truly started to be enamored at the thought of communicating my ideas. I began to see everything in a different light. What I considered in the beginning to be plant food gradually became the object which I relentlessly and tirelessly pursued. Surprisingly, the medium through which I pursued it was writing. I remember the day so vividly. The bell rang. Students littered the halls like raindrops filling pavement cracks with water. Soon, a flock of weary-eyed individuals would make a beeline toward their next class. It was a remarkably humid day. Feeling the blaze of the sun bearing down on me, I sunk in my seat, melting like the Popsicle our teacher held in his hand. “Okay, class…” I heard him say, half-sighing. “Today, we’re writing an essay.” Groans echoed throughout the room. Even I rolled my eyes. However, he was not finished. Begrudgingly, my head lifted up to face him. “I know everyone’s not up to it, but I’m allowing you to write about anything you wish.” My lightbulb flashed. Once the final words poured from his lips, I got to work. The pen danced on the paper like a pirouetting ballerina and within fifteen minutes, my essay was completed. Our teacher came to stop me after

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