Oyler School By Amy Scott: Case Study

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Figure 1: Photo of Oyler School by Amy Scott (2015)
The Issue

Students in good health are more likely to succeed in school, and continue to jobs that provide higher income, which in turn can benefit health. The Oyler school in Cincinnati, has embraced its new role as a community learning center by offering health services for its students and members of the community. The school’s efforts to improve health has led to a reduction in dropout rates and improved access to healthcare, but educational test scores still lag behind other state schools.
The School & Students

Until just over a decade ago, the Oyler School, in Cincinnati’s Lower Price Hill neighborhood, educated students from grades 1-8. Built in 1930, the school originally served
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They spend a third more time in school than unhealthy students and are less likely to drop out. Students with families that can’t afford to pay for dental care often suffer from distracting pain that affects concentration, while those with poor vision have problems reading. Students with anxiety get lower test scores, while those with depression are less likely to go to college. Those who suffer from poor nutrition have worse educational outcomes than students who use drugs or alcohol, and are more likely to repeat a grade (Surhke & de Paz Nieves,…show more content…
Despite this, the school has garnered attention from other districts looking to improve schools, and there are promising developments. The school has moved from “Academic Emergency” to “Continuous Improvement” status, and more neighborhood children received high school diplomas in 3 years than in the last 85 years total (Cincinnati Public Schools, n.d.). Oyler’s commitment to overall health of the students can serve as a model for other school
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