Ozark Furniture Inequailtiy Essay

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Ozark Furniture Inequality
Mat: Introduction to Algebra

Ozark Furniture Inequality For this assignment we are use two rockers that Ozark Furniture makes and assign variable to them then and then write a linear inequality for them. The linear inequality I will be solving is: a store faxes an order of 175 modern rocking chair and 125 classic rocking chair to Ozark Furniture and so will they be able to fill it. I will demonstrate my solution and include the mathematical work to solve it. I am going to use a graph, which I will not be able to attach to my document, but will show you how to use them and the findings. Inequality has been hard for me to understand but I hope for this
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The first quadrant of the graph was used so the shaded portion goes to the origin before it stops at the two axes.
The point on the graph in the shaded area would be (50, 40). That would mean that 50 feet would be used for classic rockers and we would use 40 feet for the modern rocker that would be needed. So to see if the order could be filled we will plug them in to the equation: 15c (50) = 750c for classic 12m (40) = 480m which equals 750 + 480 = 1230. We can fill the order.
Another point on the graph that is outside the shaded area would be (150, 100). 150 would be for the classic rocker and 100 for modern. Now, we plug them in to the equation to see if the order can be filled. 15c (150) = 2250 for classic 12m (100) = 1200 which equals 2250 + 1200 = 3450 which means the order can’t be filled. Now if we use the point on the line we will have (124, 95). So 124 for the classic and 95 for the maple. Let plug them in the equation. 15c (124) = 1860 for classic. 12m (95) = 1140 which equals 1860 + 1128 = 3000, which means we will have enough to fill the order. Now to see if we can fill the order from the fax we have received. Which was 125 for the classic and 175 for modern. Let us plug them into the equation. 15c (125) = 1875, 12m (175) = 2100, which equals 1875 + 2100 =

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