Ozone Depletion Essay

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The environment generally refers to the surrounding’s of an object or an individual. It can be in the form of the physical environment, biophysical environment, built environment, social environment and the natural environment among other forms. The natural environment refers to the naturally occurring flora and fauna together with the land on which they occupy. Environmental issues have been a cause of a lot of debate in the recent past. Governments and nongovernmental organizations have been in constant consultations on how to help protect the environment. Apparently, as a result of man’s many actions, the natural environment is getting torn apart so quickly that the coming generations will not enjoy this kind of environment, unless a…show more content…
Why is the ozone layer of much concern to scientists and environmentalists? The ozone layer is quite beneficial to human life and existence. The destruction of this layer has been linked to the now common health conditions such as cancers, skin conditions and cataracts among others. It is apparent that, without the ozone layer, all humanity would be lost to disease. Scientists all over the world have been widely researching to find out ways in which the ozone layer is being destroyed through human actions. The ozone layer is gradually being destroyed by ozone depleting chemicals. These chemicals include chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), hydroflourocarbons (HFCs), methyl bromide, halons, methyl chloroform and carbon tetrachloride among others (Ryding 173). These chemicals are used locally in coolants, fire extinguishers, solvents, pesticides, aerosol propellants and foaming agents. These chemicals, once released, take quite a long time to degrade. It takes them years to move through the atmosphere to the location of the ozone layer. These chemicals are broken down by the ultra violet rays from the sun ultimately breaking down into chlorine and bromide molecules which are responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer. Ozone layer is found in two layers i.e. the “good” and “bad” ozone layer (Filder 131). The bromide and chloride atoms destroy the “good” ozone. One molecule of chlorine is estimated to be capable of

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