P & C Operations Analysis

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P&C OPERATIONS Referencing slide 86, Mr. Murphy thrilled to report that we were at a 30% increase or about 5,000 more members in calendar year 2015 then in calendar year 2014. He continued by stating that we reached a milestone with the number of paperless policies; over 100,000 are currently paperless saving us over $350,000 in postage and printing. Regarding the claims survey responses, last year we had a couple of hundred surveys completed and we had over 1,600 this time so not only is the 93% great, but you can even have more confidence in it knowing there were that many surveys coming back with a high response rate. The last 2015 success Mr. Murphy highlighted was that the Underwriting Department had made an effort to get out of their cubicles and talk to people and talk to their customers. The customer being their agent talking to them about what’s going well, what’s not going well. Mr. Murphy referenced slide 88 highlighting the January 11th meeting with A.M. Best. He commented that the best message to provide to the Board about what came out of that discussion is that we were very prepared to go in and be aggressive to get them to consider moving us from a stable outlook to a positive outlook. We didn’t have to, they mentioned it first. It was a very positive sign for us. Mr. Murphy continued by stating that we’ll know more, at least they said, we are slated to go to committee in March and as recently as yesterday, I started to get information from them

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