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PROCTER & GAMBLE Always/Whisper Problem Procter & Gamble is faced with the decision to change the name of their feminine pad/napkin products from “Always” to “Whisper”. The Singapore operation increasingly depended on P&G Japan, which used Whisper since P&G was blocked from using Always. The strategies for name change come in three alternatives: (1) the name change would be introduced swiftly; (2) the name change could be phased in for different items at different times; and (3) Whisper products could be introduced and co-exist with Always. Analysis To better evaluate the case, P&G’s marketing mix will be used to identify the internal and external factors that will affect the business. Customer The customer for this…show more content…
P&G Singapore was strong in the catamenial market with a projected market growth of 20% per annum. This was higher than any of P&G’s consumer products. The Singapore market was where the feminine pad “always” became an initial success. This gave the Singapore executives of P&G an opportunity to change the name of the feminine pad from “always” to “whisper” because of its initial success in Japan. What the P&G executives failed to factor in is that the cultures in both countries differ and that consumers (in Singapore) may react negatively with a change in name of the product from “always” to whisper”. With a change in the name of the product this would also entail in changing the positioning, target and strategy of the product. Modifications in packaging and marketing communication mix will be required under this strategy. Alternative Options A brand’s name is one of the most important factors to consider in introducing a product in the market as this would affect how consumers perceive the product itself. “Always” in the mind of a consumer may refer to a product being “reliable” while the name “Whisper” may signify being “tactful” as women having their menstruation are usually discreet about the condition. People from all walks of life may have different interpretations of the two names. Below are the three alternatives that P&G will choose from: 1. Change the name based in any of the

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