P&G Japan: Sk-Ii Globalization

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In the highly competitive Japanese skin-care market, P&G¡¦s new SK-II product has proven its success as a premium and prestige offering. P&G has gained significant knowledge transfers from SK-II development and further, has successfully tapped the fickle Japanese market and has devloped a loyal user-base in Taiwan and Hong Kong. With its phenomenal success, it is only logical that P&G consider rolling-out the SK-II product-line to the international market. However, while there is significant worldwide growth potential within the $9 billion prestige skin-care industry, based on recent organizational changes, new corporate priorities, and thorough market assessment, P&G must base its decision on current resources and capabilities to …show more content…
Further, with fierce competition, P&G¡¦s primary outlet in France would be to reach the French consumers through Perfumeries; however, finding shelf space in these retail stores is nearly impossible. Tapping the European market could prove difficult and costly.

Further Penetrate the Japanese Market: Currently, Japan remains SK-II¡¦s most attractive and proven market for this product-line. Having already established brand recognition, high awareness (+70%), and a loyal and growing customer-base (spending $1,000/year+), P&G should focus on further penetrating this market. Japanese women are among the world¡¦s most sophisticated users of beauty products, and per capita they remain the world¡¦s leading consumer of the prestige and multi-step offerings „³ SK-II¡¦s Japanese target market is well-defined and very loyal once acquired. Furthermore, having succeeded in Japan before with its ¡§Lipfinity¡¨ launch, P&G has existing distributor relationships and has viable access to these customers. Rather than investing heavily to enter new markets such as China or Europe, P&G can more effectively direct these resources to expand/extend the product-line and develop newer, profitable Japanese segments. P&G can also rely on its existing sales model and target the sophisticated and informed Japanese consumer by offering technologically enhanced products and systems such as: 1)

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