P&G Marketing Strategy for Candles

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| Marketing Project | Procter and Gamble | | | 10/22/2011 | Abstract The following marketing analysis on Procter and Gamble will be drilled down into the Home and Fabric care division more specifically on the febreze glass candles. The analysis will use all of the candle industry researched information that was available. If the pertinent information was not found, the overall company information will be used. Current Situation Analysis External Environment Industry Overview Procter and Gamble started in the candle industry in early 2006 with the Febreze candle line taking the scent that was chemically formulated to reduce odor and leave a fresh scent. This innovative scent transcended into the candle industry…show more content…
This regulation reduces the potential for residential fires but also increases manufacturing costs and decreases innovation in the industry. Environmental Current environmental agencies are placing tighter regulations on companies to reduce waste. Also, private citizen groups are pushing for a cleaner world which does have traction in the consumer buying habits. More consumers are buying brands that have “green” labels that have reduced the waste in their process. Industry Specific Regulations National Candle Association along with Consumer Product Safety commission – set of ASTM standards for the use of candles that all products must pass. These rules range from height of flame when it burns down to the particular labels that are used. When new products are introduced, they must pass these regulations in order to be sold to the public. Without these regulations, the potential harm that can result from burning candles would be tremendous. Economic is the most important concern for the industry Economic Trends With rising costs of gas and food, discretionary spending has declined. Also, the unemployment rate has continued to increase during these times. When this occurs, the candle industry sees the decline in sales. This pushes candle manufacturers to become more innovative
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