P&G Pampers in China

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Background – The evolution of P&G Pampers | The Pampers Diaper, an invention that has revolutionized child care, was first invented by Victor Mills, an American chemical engineer working for the Procter & Gamble Co. Since conception, Pampers have ensured constant innovation to meet the child care needs of the changing era. Hence, diapers have undergone several design changes. The early diapers were bulky, heavy and required the use of pins to hold it in place. This is in contrast with the more convenient designs Pampers offer today with repositionable tapes. Its diapers also have a protective layer of lotion that helps keep little bottoms soft and smooth.

Brand Personality of Pampers |

“We will provide branded products and
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Analysis of Pampers – Marketing Information Systems and Marketing Control | P&G has effective marketing information systems. It has budget for R&D of over 2 billion dollars and often carries intensive studies and surveys to gain deeper customer insights and maintain a positive reputation among its customers. P&G never cease keep up with a high degree of marketing control. The firm is aware of its marketing strategies and takes immediate action to correct it when appropriate. In 1998, when Pampers first entered Chinese market, the firm assumed that low-price strategy would be the best. Nevertheless, it turned out that the market did not like Pampers low-cost diapers; it is the quality with appropriate pricing that need be worked on. The corrective action is to carry out researches in order to understand the market better. Analysis of Pampers: SWOT Analysis |

Research & Development – P&G invests 3-4% of their profits into R&D every year. Their research has enabled Pampers to develop a unique technology which ensures that the Pampers are thin but yet absorbent.
Strong brand and Leading market position - Over the years, P&G has created $13-billion-dollar brands such as Gillette Guard, Head & Shoulders and Duracell. In addition, Pampers is considered P&G’s single biggest global
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