P&G's Marketing in China

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Procter & Gamble (P&G) is a Fortune 500 American multinational company, and a world 's leading consumer goods company. P&G’s work is driven by a Purpose of providing branded products and services of superior quality and value to improve the lives of the world’s consumers now and for generations to come. P&G now has 50 Leadership Brands, which are among the world 's best known and which account for more than 90% of P&G sales. P&G entered the Chinese market through a joint venture in 1988. Now, P&G is the most successful foreign marketer in China as measured by market share. With the rapid development of information technology, the world is increasingly connected and the gap between companies and consumers is shrinking. Meanwhile, with a…show more content…
However, this strategy also has some disadvantages that may hurt the company’s development: The first is the fierce competition between these brands. And it is important to note that using this strategy means facing higher risks. Cost control is another big problem. Obviously, the more brands there are to manage, the higher the costs. For this reason, many prudent companies prefer brand extension over multi-brand management. P&G has one of the largest and strongest portfolios of trusted brands, including Pampers, Tide, Pantene, Bounty, Pringles, Gillette, Crest and Olay. They provide not only products of various brands, but also high-quality and well-packaged goods which can satisfy customers in all aspects. P&G’s significant Pricing tactics are defining different prices for different brands to satisfy different customers. For example, no matter how much money the customers want to spend on hair care shampoos, P&G’s products can always satisfy customers’ needs. In addition, P&G always has great discounts such as buying a large one get a small one for free at holidays. P&G has its own unique and suitable promotion strategy system. The first method in promoting their products is doing advertisement, involving TV, magazines, Subway and some other media advertisements. In over 20 years, P&G has made remarkable achievements and has became the largest consumer products company in China. Besides the advertisements, the company

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