P&G's Pert Plus: a Pan-European Brand?

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Procter and Gamble in Europe Introduction Procter and Gamble (henceforth to be called P"G) is an international supplier of consumer goods it is a "global leader in health and beauty care products, detergents, diapers and food".

P & G 's presence in the hair care market in the U.S has been strengthened by innovative technology BC-18 and the replacement of an old brand 'Pert ' with 'Pert Plus '- a mild shampoo with a fully effective conditioner. P"G decided to introduce BC-18 in Europe.
P和G的存在在头发保健市场在美国大大加强了技术创新BC-18和替换一个古老的品牌“势力”与“势力加 ' -温和的香波具有完全有效的护发素。P " G决定引进BC-18在欧洲。

Traditionally, the European market is highly competitive the main rivals are Colgate, Unileaver, and L 'Oreal. The European market is segmented (i.e. value based)
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P"G has decided that it should place the new shampoo in the premium-priced segment; this is done in order to keep up the image of the shampoo as a high quality and innovative product. P"G should charge premium price in each country -to be sold for 4.99 DM for the 200 ml bottle and for 5.99 DM for the 250 ml bottle in all the countries which had had been accepted during the consumer tests.
研究表明,在欧洲价格有很大的价格护发产品之间的差异。P " G决定应该把新洗发水在premium-priced段;这样做是为了保持洗发水的形象作为一种高品质和创新的产品。P " G应收取保险费价格在每一个国家- - -要卖的4.99 DM 200毫升和5.99 DM 250毫升的所有的国家里,在消费者所接受测试。

The company cannot charge a price very few people can afford; this will also not be profitable for the company. Place the new shampoo should be widely available to the public; it can be sold in department stores, supermarkets, at the hair dressers, beauty/personal care shops. Due to the reason that the product is premium priced segment hairdressing parlours are a good and effective option of giving a touch of glamour to the product name.

L 'Oreal practices this concept with great success mainly because clients leave the saloon with perfect hair and believe that it is all due to the superior quality of shampoo and

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