P&G's Pert Plus: a Pan-European Product?

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P&G'S Pert Plus: A Pan-European Product?

How attractive is the pan-European market for Pert Plus in terms of demand potential? Competition? Any cannibalization problems?
P&G is an international supplier of consumer goods it is a "global leader in health and beauty care products, detergents, diapers and food . P&G's presence in the hair care market in the U.S has been strengthened by innovative technology BC-18 and the replacement of an old brand 'Pert' with 'Pert Plus'- a mild shampoo with a fully effective conditioner. P"G decided to introduce BC-18 in Europe. Traditionally, the European market is highly competitive the main rivals are Colgate, Unileaver, and L'Oreal. The European market is segmented (i.e. value based) and
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Brand choice? Should the BC 18 technology be introduced with a pan European name, or with local brand names, or even with a mixture of both approaches? Research indicates in Europe there are large price differences among hair care products. P&G has decided that it should place the new shampoo in the premium-priced segment; this is done in order to keep up the image of the shampoo as a high quality and innovative product. P&G should charge premium price in each country to be sold for 4.99 DM for the 200 ml bottle and for 5.99 DM for the 250 ml bottle in all the countries which had had been accepted during the consumer tests. The company cannot charge a price very few people can afford, this will also not be profitable for the company.
P&G is to become a leader in the European market of two in one hair products. The first year objective is to attract new European customers from competing brands to shift to the use of shampoo to BC-18. The aim is to exert a pull on the population in order to create a new market niche inside the shampoo market and encourage the people to use the new BC-18. In effect BC-18 technology serves the core need of washing hair and therefore it has to compete with the different national brands which are often well established.
As I see, the BC-18 technology should be introduced with a mixture of both approaches—with a pan-European name and local brand names. If we just introduce

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