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P. H. Glatfelter Company is a global manufacturer of engineered paper and specialty printing paper. The slogan, “Beyond Paper │it’s everything we do above and beyond making great paper−that’s what makes us unique,” explains what the company is all about. The company’s core values include being dedicated to the environment, and producing products that are environmental friendly. Glatfelter has more than one hundred and fifty years of experience, they have intelligence in technical facilities, and world class service. Glatfelter claims to have custom solutions for all customer needs. The company headquarters are located in York, Pennsylvania but there are locations in Fremont and Chillicothe, Ohio. Places outside of the U.S include Canada,…show more content…
Measuring profitability is the most essential measure in determining the success of a company. Measuring liquidity comes from the current ratio and it is important because a company needs to be liquid to survive. Lastly, measuring efficiency is determined by accounts receivable turnover, asset turnover and inventory turnover. Measuring efficiency is significant because a company that is efficient proves that a company is managing their assets and generating money into profit. Financial ratios are important for one to understand how a company is doing and what kind of success the business is having. The company has shown through its ratios that it is stable. It has not been increasing nor decreasing, but has remained the same. However, in the past three years it is perceived that the company is declining. In the year 2015 the company made nearly $1.5 million in revenue and $64,575 in net income. Going by the previous two years, 2013 and 2014, it looks like the company is declining but looking at revenue and net income from 2010, it is noticeable that the company has come a long way. In 2010, Glatfelter reported 1.4 million in revenue and only $54,434 in net income. Going as far back as a decade ago revenue was only $579,121 and net income was 38,609. This only demonstrates that the company is growing significantly and has come a long way. In fact, the company has shown outstanding business performance over the last ten years. Financial

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