P1 - Describe How Marketing Techniques Are Used to Market Products in Two Organisations’

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P1 - describe how marketing techniques are used to market products in two organisations’ Marketing is the activity and process for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchange a product or service; which has values for the customers/clients. Overall it is an integrated process which builds customer relationship and creates an identity for their customers and themselves. However, marketing can be separated into submarkets – Business to Consumer marketing and Business to Business marketing. Business to Consumer Marketing: This is the process by which companies create a value for customers and build a strong customer relationship. Importance of creating a customer relationship is for the business to capture a return value…show more content…
2. Developing The Market Strategy This is the next step after collecting data from analysing the market and competition and also understanding the market’s needs and wants. Next steps are to refine the distribution; so what would be the best way to deliver the product or service to the target customer. The firm at this point identify their objectives and choose the right path to exploit any opportunities seen during the research stage. 3. Determining Actions and Controls Final stage is when you implement the strategy. So to implement the strategy; the organisation has to analyse the financial costs by creating a budget and evaluate the costs. After having this data calculated, the marketing strategy is then put into action and during the period of the activation of the strategy the firm will continue to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy and either start planning for a new one or extend if there may be any faults in the recent strategy. Now looking at the two businesses given; Brodie’s Beer and Cadburys plc; they both are private sector businesses with Brodie’s Beer having aims to survive and maximising profit and Cadburys plc’s aims is to increase growth in market share and maximising profit. Cadburys Plc One of Cadburys’ products called Fuse was being developed and Cadburys had an objective set while working on their new product. Their objectives were:  To grow the market for chocolate confectionary.  To increase Cadburys’
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