P1 Describe The Technologies Required For Ecommerce

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P1 Describe the technologies required for ecommerce
Terms Definitions Illustrations
Web servers A web server is computers otherwise gathering of computers that are used to deliver a web pages and other information to multiple users within the server.

Browsers Browsers are used to surf the internet, for you to gather information, images and other things with that browser.

Server software Server software is a type of software that is designed to be used, run and achieved on a computing server. It is a workers and facilitates the joining of underlying server computing power for use with an array of high-end computing services and functions.
Web authoring tools A Web authoring tools is a set of software that are enables the users to create a web site in an application software.

Database system A database management system (DBMS) is a gathering of programs that will enables you to store, modify and source information from a database. There is many not the same types of DBMSs, reaching from small systems that run on a private computers to huge systems that will run on a mainframes

Download speeds Download speed are states to how fast a file could be downloaded from the remote source. The download speed are measured by how the size of the file that is being transferred to you over a sure amount of time.
Browser Platform compatibility With the Browser Platform compatibility it’s when you cannot open up a file because it’s not compatibility with that browser.
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