P1: Describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation.

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Unit 2: Business resources
P1: Describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation.
If Tesco are looking to recruit workers to be behind the till and on the shop floor, first of all they will advertise the job role, they can do this in many ways today. They can advertise the vacancy in a newspaper, posters, website, web adverts. As the job role does not require very skilled and qualified people, the recruitment process will be a lot faster. When Tesco advertise the vacancy they will need to include the job description and all duties that will be expected, qualifications and skills required by potential applicants and location of where the work will be done so the applicants know if they will be able to commute there.
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P2: Describe the main employability, personal and communication skills required when applying for a specific job role.
Employability skills can include having suitable qualifications, most jobs will require some formal qualification and an applicant will be required to have those formal qualifications or they will not meet the job description. If there is a vacancy and one of the applicants has had experience in a similar job then that is something that makes them look better to the employer than if they just have the qualifications needed, as the employer would think if they worked in that role before than it would be easier for them to do the same work again.
Having knowledge of products and services that are being used or sold by the organisation is a benefit to applicants especially if they intend to work in customer service. If they can demonstrate knowledge of products and services relevant to the organisation then this can improve chances of obtaining the job. If an applicant has experience in a specific industrial sector, this can be highly valued by employers. Meeting targets is vital for a business’s success, if applicants show they have experience and are effective at meeting targets and deadlines than they are seen as more employable, if they show they have met targets in a previous job or education.
Personal skills will always be beneficial regardless of what
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