P1 Explain The Principal Sociological Perspectives

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Amy Davidson, Thursday 18th September 2014 Unit 7: Sociological Perspectives for Health and Social Care P1 Explain the principal sociological perspectives Sociological perspectives are used to understand and describe the way societies function and the different behaviours of individuals within these societies. These perspectives can be used to explain the organisation of different areas of society, including social stratification, social mobility, social diversity, socialisation, and social institutions as well as the way each element fits into society. In this assignment I will be focusing on explaining each of the main sociological perspectives in society. The perspectives that I will be focusing on in this assignment are:…show more content…
Interactionism focuses closely on different social interactions within groups of people and does not discuss the effect of different social institutions on society nor consider social factors that may have influence the growth and development of different social structures. As well as this, interactionism does not explain why people largely behave in predictable ways. If small groups all interact differently, and large social institutions are not valid then it would be expected that people would act in different ways depending on the group they belong to, and because of the large amounts of different groups in society, you would expect that people’s behaviour would often not be predictable. Collectivism: Collectivism is a sociological approach providing free health and social care services and support for vulnerable members of society, provided by the government and paid for through the taxes and national insurance of all working members of society, it means that everyone collectively works together to improve the standard of living for everyone. These vulnerable people may include: children, the elderly, people with physical disabilities and, those with mental health needs. It also provides all people in the UK with privileges such as free NHS care and free education, so that all people have the same chances to succeed in life, despite their

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