P1 – Explain the Role of Effective Communication and Interpersonal Interaction in a Health and Social Care Context

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P1 – Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context Communication is highly important, especially in an elderly care setting. It is useful in many different ways and situations, for example; if the service user had vision impairments, it is important that the professional speaks loud and clearly pronunciating properly however is not patronising in any way making the service user feel uncomfortable. This gets important information, such as changes to medication, across clearly to the service user without them feeling uncomfortable or unaware. Different contexts of communication are used in many different care setting situations such as; • One to one – One to one…show more content…
If formal communication is not used in the correct environment, misunderstanding may occur, causing danger to somebody’s health. Appropriate language must also be used; Professional references, proper English without slang and clear consistent wording. • Informal communication – Informal communication can be language containing slang and dialect. When working in an elderly care setting, the carers must act in an appropriate manner ensuring no offence to all staff members or service users. They need to work professionally, knowing when informal communication can be used. If its used in the wrong situations it can make service users (or other staff) feel as if they are disrespected and as if there not being taken seriously. Other clients however, may feel at ease. Over time the relationship between the carer and the service user will develop and the carer will get to know when formal and informal language should be used. • Communication between professionals – communication between professionals is often informal however at the same time they must still demonstrate respect for each other and use formal language where necessary. To avoid barriers, formal communication is usually planned to make sure the speech is clear and understandable ensuring no harm is done to the service users. Verbal
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