Essay about P1 Public Health Strategies in the Uk and Their Origins.

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P1 Public Health Strategies in the UK and their origins.
In this article I am going to describe the key features of public health strategies as they relate to current times in the UK.
-Monitoring the health status of the population.
This strategy involves keeping track of people’s health/keeping an eye on everyone though statics. By tracking changes in the health of the population health professionals are able to alert people to potential problems, for example regular check-ups, at doctors for asthma or Dentist to check up on teeth and make sure they are in good condition plus Orthodontic. Also the NHS provide a free midlife MOT to check people aged between 40-74, to make sure they are in good health and
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-Developing programmes to reduce risk and screen for disease early on.
This means attempting to reduce the levels of ill health, by introducing new programmes which identify people as being at risk of a condition and engaging them with preventative programmes. For example a programme that the government and the NHS do is to get people tested for HIV and provide them treatment. For people who don’t have HIV they can be given a free vaccinations, so they don’t get affected by the disease. Also another example is a doctor identifying someone with diabetes because of their obesity, which then they referrer you to a weight management programme for support in losing weight and sending you to a gym with others in the same programme. There are also adverts like Stoptober to help stop people smoking.

-Controlling communicable disease.
This strategy involves trying to prevent diseases and to stop them from spreading and being passed on though the community, for example HIV can be controlled by tracking the number of people affected, the government can provide subsidised drugs to people with HIV . Also there is food hygiene measures in restaurants and take away’s to control the spread of food poisoning, for example signs up around the kitchen in food places, and there should be labels with names of what the food is/ingredients on packages, and best before date so you know to chuck it away if it’s out of date. For measles and mumps and rubella,

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