P1 Unit 19

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I will be talking about the different types of teams and the benefits organisation have in when working in a team.
Virtual- teams that are separated by location, so they work together remotely using the internet and technology. The way that a team would need this would be if for example if a group needed to go to London and they had some of their members working in Wolverhampton then they would need to use the internet and things such as face time, skype etc.
Cross function- people from different function (departments) in a business come together to work as a team for a project. Therefore it is a temporary team. The way that a team would use this in a team is only if you are working on a project and then you will get put with people
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Who is in your group?
The people that are in the group are myself Rabar, Jodhvir, Edward, Amandeep.
How did you as a group decide on the 3 activity to complete with the student.
The way that we all worked good together in a team was because that we all decided to think about the type of activities that we should do and then form this we then decided to at least think of two different activities in order to choose which one is the best one to choose, after we then came in a group to discuss what types of resources that we would need to be able to use to be able to complete the activities so that we can lead them to the year 8 students. Then after this we then gathered all the work and then went to an allocated room to be able to see if the activities that we choose would be enjoyable and this was also a test run to see if they would work. After this we then decided that when it was time for the students to come in we would welcome them and then begin, after the introduction we then decided that everyone would work in groups of two to be able to lead the session to the students, after each activity we then asked each student if they enjoyed each activity to see if we could get positive or negative feedback from them in order to improve next time. After all the activities were done then we gave each year 8 student some prizes to let them know that they worked well in a team together.
How did you work together in a

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