P1 Unit 21 - Health and Social Care Level 3 Essay

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P1 – Explain concepts of nutritional health Concepts of nutritional health
Food is any substance that is eaten to nourish the body and can be solid or liquid. Food can be taken into the body by mouth, by tube or even directly into the vein for those who are unable to feed by mouth due to ill health or health issues which does not able them to eat or drink normally. Food makes your body work, grow and repair itself and the kinds of food you eat can affect the efficiency of these processes.
Diet refers to the types of food an individual consumes on a regular basis and means all the meals, snacks and drinks they have. Diet is also used to refer to the deliberate selection of food to control body weight or nutrient intake. An
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The word means poor nutrition and malnutrition is a broad term referring to both under-nutrition and over-nutrition. * Under-nutrition – when you don't get enough nutrients * Over-nutrition – when you get more nutrients than you need
Malnutrition is a common health problem and is caused by either an inadequate diet or a problem absorbing nutrients from food. There are many reasons why this might happen, including having reduced mobility, a long-term health condition or a low income. The most common symptom of under-nutrition is unplanned weight loss and other signs could be weak muscles, feeling tired all the time, low mood and an increase in illnesses or infections. The main sign of over-nutrition is being overweight or obese. However, people with under-nutrition can also be overweight if they eat a diet high in energy (calories), but low in other nutrients. Signs of malnutrition in children can include failure to grow at the expected rate and changes in behaviour such as appearing unusually irritable, sluggish or anxious
When an individual is referred to as having a deficiency, it means that there is the absence of a particular nutrient in the body. This could be due to the lack of that nutrient being provided though the diet or could be due to a

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