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In this assignment I will be comparing both Apple and Starbucks to find out how marketing techniques are used to market products. I will include an Ansoff’s Matrix, survival strategies, branding and relationship marketing.
Marketing – is the process in which the producers of goods and services focus on satisfying the needs of the consumers. Also marketing is the social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others.
Growth Strategies – is a strategy aimed at winning larger market share, even at the expense of short term earnings. These consist of 4 broad growth strategies: * Product Development – is the creation of products with new or different
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Starbucks Ansoff Matrix

Starbucks Ansoff Matrix

Market Penetration | Product Development | They started selling Coffee in | Starbucks released a new and | the beginning. But their coffee | improved drink called ice | penetrates the marketing by | frappes but they have recently | pricing it cheaper than its | added new flavors like | competitors | chocolate and strawberry | Market Development | Diversification | Starbucks started there | Starbucks recently purchased | company on the west coast | a tea selling shop called | of the USA but now it is know | Teavana in order to dominate | all over the world as one of | the tea industry as well as they | the best coffee houses right | have done with the coffee one. | now | |

Branding is important in every single business. It makes them have an image that everyone can recognise. For example Apple’s apple that has a bit taken from it or McDonalds massive yellow M. All branding is unique to each company at it creates the image for the business. So when you want to eat and see the burger king logo then that will entice you to go and buy and product from them.

Apple’s branding
Apples logo of a half-eaten Apple is known globally around the world. The logo represents the story in the bible where eve eats an apple from the forbidden tree. It is said that Steve Jobs was a Catholic and that was the true meaning behind the logo. The name also has interesting story

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