P1 Unit 9 Final Project

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mcgarrybowen bring the Monster brand to life. Literally. Monster, the online jobs service, has launched an ambitious and quite literal new pan-European campaign introducing a formidable new character to reinvigorate the brand. The pan-European campaign is the first work by mcgarrybowen for Monster since being appointed to the business at the end of February this year, and literally brings Monster to life as a giant monster that looks like a less friendly rendition of the McDonald's Grimace, and is being posited by the brand as, essentially a “Big, mean, job-getting machine.” The campaign targets a new generation of Millennial job seekers, a generation brimming with ambition, but coming up against the harsh realities of the job market. The campaign aims to reassure Millennial job seekers that, with the power of Monster behind them, nothing can stand in the way of their dream jobs. “Rather than treating those early in their careers as victims we are going to treat them as the future masters of the universe”…show more content…
The campaign will run initially in large outdoor formats. In the UK, meanwhile, the “Monster” will take over the Waterloo IMAX and the Waterloo Motion digital OOH, as well as full bus wraps around the capital. As well as outdoor ads in the four launch markets, the campaign will also include online and digital display ads, and radio ads launching on Monday, May 16th in the UK and Germany, and will also include a TV sponsorship campaign in France in June. It's the brand's largest brand campaign for seven years, and will also mark the first time Monster has used Snapchat “At scale,” which dramatically underlines its focus towards millennials, specifically those just about to leave
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