P1 : Web Architecture And Components

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P1: Web architecture and components
Here is a simple diagram showing how users use the internet and connect to it. Below are some of the critical features to internet usage:

ISP (internet service provider)
They provide a way to access the internet and is connected with clients, via fibre optic, copper wiring and wireless. It also domain registration names. Examples of internet service providers are BT, SKY and Talk Talk. ISP is used to send packets of information and allows the user to connect to a network which then connects to an ISP, allowing them to access the World Wide Web.

Web hosting service
This is when a user will buy a certain amount of storage space on a company’s network, which can then be seen by others (the public) via an IP address and then a third party user will be able to access the website. This enables users to download packets of information from the website. They also provide internet connections and provide data spaces and connectivity within the “data Centre”.
Domain Structure
Domain structure allows programs to access different information. It is a group of computers that ensures the security and management of local accounts, for example the first domain controller. For example take the address https://www.youtube.com/channel/MadMoni. Https signifies hypertext transfer protocol, www refers to the World Wide Web and where the page is. Youtube.com is the domain name which links to a public IP address. Channel is a folder…
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