P2-Describe the Main Employability, Personal and Communication Skills Required When Applying for a Specific Job Role.

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In this task I will be describing the main employability, personal and communication skills required when applying for a customer assistant position at Tesco’s.
The first quality an employer will look for in an applicant is the qualifications they have. Are the qualifications suitable? Have they got a satisfactory amount? Sometimes the qualifications don’t matter depending on the particular job, but most of the time, employers will only take on people who have sufficient qualifications. The qualifications show that they have put a lot of effort into their education and care about their future. It is possible that the job they are applying for is a particular career path that they want to pursue for a long time; this would mean they would
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Employers would like to see the effectiveness the applicant has in meeting team and personal targets within the company. If an applicant showed a very lazy attitude, and didn’t really show any interest in meeting the targets, it shows a weakness in the company, and other team members begin to get agitated and lose focus. In Tesco, if a team member slacks in meeting the team objective (e.g. meeting a specific profit target within the month) it makes the whole company slow down. Personal targets are just as important, and you are letting yourself down if you slack and don’t achieve them.
Employers also want professional employees, that make the business look professional and themselves. This doesn’t only mean dressing smartly and appropriately, but how you interact with customers and clients. A candidate of Tesco would need the ability to observe and raise professional standards, which means they would have to observe the professional feel of the company, and apply it to themselves, making sure every customer is satisfied, even if it seems a lot of effort.
Other qualities a potential employee would need are:- * Patient * Hardworking * Team worker * Interpersonal skill * Co-operation * Negotiation * Interviewing skills
These personal aspects are important, as employers want to employ people that the customer will
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