P2: Discuss Theories of Communication Essay examples

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P2: Discuss theories of communication.
Part A
The communication cycle is a commonly used theory of communication. It was first developed by Charles Berner in 1965; it was then modified by Michael Argyle, who was a social psychologist, in 1972. The concept of a ‘communication cycle’ makes it clear that, in order to have effective communication, it must be a two way process. As well as transferring messages to others in a definite, clear way, health care professionals must be able to respond to the verbal feedback as well as the non-verbal feedback. So, effective communication has to involve effort from both participators (both the sender as well as the receiver) in the communication.

The communication cycle has six stages. Stage one is
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The communicator should be on the same level as the receiver of the communication; this allows the receiver (Mrs Hedges) to read facial expression and, if possible, lip read. Being on the same level as the receiver of the communication, also allows them to focus and listen more efficiently.
The speaker must thoroughly think through what he or she is going to say, and the method in which they want to say it. They must evaluate and decide whether to use verbal or nonverbal communication, or a mix of the two. If they have chosen verbal communication, they must figure out a way to communicate in a non-patronising way that will still be as effective. If nonverbal communication is chosen, the correct method of nonverbal communication should be chosen. Effective communication must happen in order to meet Mrs Hedges’ needs, to help her feel re assured, safe and secure.
In this particular case, I think that a mixture of both verbal and nonverbal communication is requisite. Using speech along with caring and reassuring touch will be effective in making Mrs Hedges feel cared for and safe. The communicator should speak in a normal fashion that Mrs Hedges will not find condescending, but that you speak in a slightly slower pace than usual; this makes your speech clearer. Communicate the message to Mrs Hedges at a time when she is least likely to be tired, as when you are tired, your hearing is decreased anyway. Verbal communication is so important,
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