Essay on P2 Unit 4 Health and Social Care

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P2 – Explain the potential effects of five different life factors, on the development of an individual There are different factors that can influence a person development. When a person is developing that are different biological and environment factors that can determinate the way they are, how they act and how they develop. It all depends on a combination of both biological inheritance and the environment influences. In this assignment I will talk about how five different factors affect an individual development. During pregnancy that are existing factors that can affect the development of the foetus and that can bring health and other problems when the child is born, which the child can carry for the rest of her/his life, these…show more content…
A healthy diet is full of fruit, vegetables, starchy foods, proteins, fibre and calcium is also important for the mother to avoid caffeine. The environment inside the mother’s womb can indeed have a dramatic influence on the development of a child but environment influences such as where the child is raised can have a huge affect on a child development as well. Children of a low income tend to live in more polluted areas, where the air and the water are polluted, pollution can cause brain development in children as well lung diseases that can be development in childhood or can affect them later in life. One the factors that can have a huge impact on a child’s life is housing. Those on a low income are more likely to be living in poor housing conditions experiencing stress from overcrowding including noise, lack of privacy, having to wait to use facilities such as the toilets, poor heating and ventilation in winter, poor washing and cooking facilities, the house can have many hazards for a child due to architectural features, dampness, as well the neighbourhood cannot be safe or have poor facilities such as shops and parking. Poor housing is associated with poor health this is due of poor facilities and opportunities, children that grow up within poor housing are more

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