P2p Vs. P2p Technology

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In general, peer-to-peer (P2P) is referring to a network that connected all the computers on the same network and allowing them to share the resources directly without going through a separate server. While file sharing is means making the file for others individuals to access and download. Over the past few years, P2P technology has been widely used in file sharing. It can be used to share a numbers type of files on the Internet, such as text files, music, movies, games, computer software, etc. In P2P technology, the users do not need to upload the file they intent to share to a centralized server [1]. File sharing process can be more simple and easy by storing a file on a computer’s shared folder, which can be accessed by others on the networks. The shared file is then split into different parts and then transfers to other online users parts by parts. In other words, this can increase the speed of sharing files between multiple users as different parts of the file are collected from different users at the same time. The users have to download P2P file sharing application in order to transfer file on P2P networks. The first developed and famous P2P file sharing application is Napster. There are numbers of P2P files sharing applications in the market, such as BitTorrent, uTorrent, LimeZilla, Popcorn Time, etc.

In addition, P2P technology is also useful for direct communication between computers. P2P technology enable two computer on networks to connected to each other to…
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