P3+M1 – Describe and Explain the Main Physical and Technological Resources Required in the Operation of a Selected Organisation

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Unit 2
P3+M1 – Describe and explain the main physical and technological resources required in the operation of a selected organisation
The business which I am going to choose is Tesco PLC.
Physical resources are resources that are available to business organisations in the form of buildings and other machineries needed for the day to day running of the organistaion

Building and facilities; * all businesses need premises which they operate from, this can range from someone’s front room, or tower blocks all over the world, buildings play an important role in the image of a business and can influence different types of customers, many financial institutions such as Lloyds TSB and HSBC have very famous buildings as their headquarters
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e to purchase all types of machinery for its delivery and warehouse option * Although they may purchase them, it may be more affective and cheaper if they lease the machinery and plants they need

Equipment including I.T * Equipment is essential for a business to operate smoothly, for example, a Tesco worker may not be able to work effectively if they do not have the correct size cage for distributing stock * Equipment is critical for profit and non-profit organisations, in some types of organisations the lack of equipment means that a job or service cannot be carried out * Some businesses have also taken to using IT to help support and enhance their methods of working, for example Tesco using automatic self service machines
* All buildings owned or leased by businesses must have insurance, if the business owns the building, it will arrange this cover itself, but if the building is being leased, it will often be arranged with the landlord * A fee is paid each month then protection is given to the business in the event that something happens to or within the building such as;
-damage to any equipment
-theft from the building
-leaking pipes
-collision by vehicles * The type of insurance coverage and the amount of money paid will depend on the policy which the business has taken out, the business is also required to have some other types of insurance, for example Tesco PLC have to have Employer’s liability
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