P3 Explain Possible Influences on Dietary Intake Essay examples

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In this assignment I am going to be discussing the nutrients within food and how it can affect you, how it can be eaten and is it good or bad. I will also be discussing why we need a healthy and balanced diet and the deficiency, how to make it better and overweight and obesity, what it can cause.
Food can be processed in many different ways depending on your needs or your natural ability, some individuals may have to be fed by family, nurses if they are hospitalized or enabled bodied people who cannot physically feed themself this would be done by using a tube through their nose and into their throat or injection into the system. This is done for people who are desperately
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There are many nutrients we eat within our foods, these are vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and protein. Malnutrition is when an individual is not getting enough nutrients into the bod, this means their body will not function properly this can be dangerous as your immune system could stop working or shut down which means individuals will be open to more cold, flu’s, infections etc. Malnutrition can also include under nutrition and over nutrition.

People with under nutrition means they have an imbalanced consumption of nutrients, when there is a lack of nutrients going into the body problems will start to arise, the body will star to use its glycogen/sugar reserves, stored water and body protein. Then the body will start to use fatty acids and lean muscle which will then have a dramatic effect on your weight loss. Individuals that this will affect are children in poor countries with no food and dirty water to live on children in poverty that are abused or abandoned and they then have to take care of themselves.

Over nutrition is the opposite of under nutrition which means an individual is consuming too much of nutrients, this can become dangerous and result to health problems. Over nutrition is mostly dangerous when exceeding amounts of fat and carbohydrates is eaten, this is foods such as rice, pasta, potatoes etc. over eating is considered as a psychological disorder, this means eating
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