P3 Organizational Functions : IKEA

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IKEA P3 Organizational Functions  Marketing and Sales: Since IKEA follows low cost strategy, their target customers are mostly low to middle income people, students or young people who want more value of money. Moreover, they try position themselves as a family friendly store. IKEA mainly does promotional activity through catalogues where customers get chance to choose their product. IKEA also depends on online promotion and other traditional channels to reach to customers. IKEA has online sales presence in 13 countries and they got more than 1.5 billion visitors in the year 2014 on their website (Dudovskiy, 2015). IKEA also provides loyalty cards worldwide by which customers can receive discounts of specific products.  Human Resource: IKEA offers plenty of opportunities for the employees to develop themselves by providing internal training effectively. Moreover, IKEA also provides independence to the employees to take decisions quickly for customer oriented service. IKEA maintains high level of dedication for human resource development. For example, many training programs are offered locally, online as well as In IKEA concept centre which is situated in Netherlands (Oduru, 2014).  Operations: IKEA offers their products in 328 stores all around the world and 43 production units

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