P3: Selected Organisations Usesmarket Research to Contribute to the Development of Its Marketing Plans

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P3: Describe how a selected organisation uses marketing research to contribute to the development of its marketing plans.

My selected organisation is Thorpe Park; I am going to talk about the organisation uses types of market research they do to contribute to its development plans. Market research is broken down into four categories as they contribute into development plans. The four departments are:
• Primary research
• Secondary research
• Qualitative research
• Quantitative research

Primary research
Primary research (also known as field research) involves the collection of data that does not already exist. Some advantages of having primary research are that a researcher can focus on both qualitative and
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In market research content, secondary research is taken to include the re-use by a second party of any data collected by a first party or parties.
The research that I have undertaking has been on the park rides and advertising from other theme parks such as: Lego land. Advertising campaign as they are less than 30min drive from the park, this could be a threat.

Qualitative Research
Qualitative research is a method if inquiry appropriated in many different academic disciplines, traditionally in the social sciences. In marketing terms, this means investigating the features of a market through in-depth research that explores the background and context for decision making. It’s also used to deeper into issues of interest and explores nuances related to the problem at hand. Examples of qualitative research are focus groups, triads, dyads, interviews, uninterrupted observations and bulletin boards.
Bulletin Boards are used to advertise to the customers about Thorpe Park. On these boards, they advertise offers that may catch people’s eyes and persuade themselves to attend Thorpe Park.

Quantitative research
The use of numerical analysis techniques to provide information useful to those involved in promoting products or services.
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