P3- legislation and frameworks for dementia

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Legislation and frameworks Legislation Care Standards Act 2000 This legislation affects and supports people with dementia as it has different laws. Some of these laws are things like helping people to wash and dress themselves. This helps people with dementia, as when it becomes advanced they lose their fine motor skills and they find it difficult to do simple tasks like fasten buttons and hold things, so it also makes it hard for them to wash. They have carers that will do this for them and help them do it. The legislation affects the patients care as the carer has to follow rules, such as making sure that the patient has privacy and dignity, such as washing them where nobody can see them and undressing them where they can’t be seen …show more content…

The act was also amended in 2007 and it made changes to two things, these are: that a mental disorder is a single definition, rather than having different categories. And it enables practitioners to perform the same job as a social worker. This would affect the care of the patient as they are not being judged and they have more people ensuring that they are safe in their surroundings. Frameworks Nursing and Midwifery Code of Conduct 2007 The nursing and midwifery code of conduct makes sure that staff are properly trained to do their job properly and that people can trust them doing their job, and that they trust them with their health and wellbeing, and it makes sure that staff are trustworthy and that they can treat people with respect. The nursing and midwifery code of conduct makes sure that: staff treat people as individuals so that their privacy and dignity is protected, and that they are not discriminated against, peoples confidentiality must be respected, you must disclose information if it is believed that someone is in danger. And it makes sure that consent is gained, such as when providing care or treatment. This affects patient care as the Code of Conduct ensures that people are treated correctly and that boundaries are not being broken, such as patients being abused. It makes sure that people are dealt with properly and that records are kept, and that they are securely

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