P4 Fire Safety and Choking

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In health and social care there are a lot of procedures and precautions put into place so that accidents don’t occur, but no matter how careful organisations are with these kind of incidents there is no way really of preventing them. In health and social care a lot of risk assessments are taken to make sure the place is safe but obviously there is still a few things that are unstable or accidents like this wouldn’t occur. The staff’s duty then is to work out what happened and how to minimise the risk of it happening again. An emergency is often unexpected, not planned, dangerous and sometimes life threatening. Some incidents that can occur include: fires, floods, exposure to infection, and exposure to chemicals, intruders, aggressive and…show more content…
This will also give him an opportunity to let you know if your assistance is welcomed.

Start following the steps to help the victim;
Administer up to 5 back blows using the heel of your hand- * Take the bottom part (heel) of your hand and deliver 5 separate forceful strikes between the person's shoulder blades. * Keep the back blows separate. Try to dislodge the object with each one. * Look for improvement after each one.
Perform 5 abdominal thrusts (Heimlich manoeuvre). * Get behind the victim. * Wrap your arms around his waist. Make sure you wrap your arms below the rib cage. * Take the underside of one fist and place it near the middle of the person's abdomen, with the thumb-side against the abdomen, just above the navel and below the breastbone. * Grasp that fist in your other hand. * Give separate and distinct, inward and upward thrusts. Continue until the obstruction is dislodged - check after each thrust. Stop if the victim becomes unconscious. * If the obstruction has not been relieved abdominal
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