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In this task I am going to be speaking about and explaining a successful promotional campaign. The campaign I will be speaking about is the ‘whopper sacrifice’. The whopper sacrifice is a Burger King advertising campaign on Facebook that promised a coupon for a free hamburger if participants deleted 10 people from their ‘friends’ lists on the social network. I would class a good advertising campaign as: it is aimed at the target audience and uses the most effective medium for them. It should raise the awareness of the business and also increase the public's estimation of its importance. The main message must be the most prominent one, the one that stays in your head. The main types of advertising media are as follows: television, printed…show more content…
Stats require constant upgrading, but Facebook claims to have over 500 million active users, twitter has over 75 million accounts and LinkedIn near 80 million members. And it’s not just kids: Facebook users have an average age of 38.
Establishing Expertise: Blatant advertising doesn’t work in many social media platforms especially not from pitches instead of discussions but by posing questions, publishing useful content, and answering others’ questions, you can develop a following and burger king have done something similar to this, created a ‘group’
Niche Markets: Reach people in a space where they’re already comfortable and spending their time. By choosing the right platforms and groups, you can invest your time in developing relationships with exactly the right markets, such as Facebook groups who all like American cuisine or something similar.
Free Exposure: While there are some intriguing advert buy options with Facebook depending on your goal and industry, traditional social media exposure carries zero cost. Creating a great presence requires a lot of time and effort, but it’s something you can do without any out-of-pocket costs.
Loved by Search Engines: If all of the above weren’t enough, the search engines love many social media platforms. By building an effective presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, or twitter, you can use these profiles to help optimize your main website,

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