P4 - health, safety and security within a health and social care sector

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P4 - Explain possible priorities and responses when dealing with two particular incidents or emergencies in a health and social care setting. Fire, When you are working within a health and social care setting the most important thing is to evacuate the people that is in your care out of the building first. When you are working in an organisation you should always familiarise yourself with where the fire exits, fire alarms and fire extinguishers are located. If you are working within a care setting with elderly residents and there is a fire it is important that you smash the fire alarms in order to make everyone else in the building aware that there is a fire. As a career, your main priority would be protect the elderly people…show more content…
One of the concerns that may arise when you are working in a nursery if there was a flood, facilities within a nursery may be damaged and they may have to be replaced. Another concern that may arise would be if the parents need to work and the nursery cannot be open because the children’s health and safety need to be put first in order to keep them safe. If you were to allow children to enter the nursery while it is wet there may be exposure to infection – there are many different opportunities where people that are in a health and social care setting where individuals may be put at risk because of infection. Infection can enter bodies in many different ways: Breathing in the bacteria (inhalation) Swallowing Through the breaks of the skin Touching things You should always make sure that you wash your hands so that infections like MRSA do not spread. Steps to washing your hands: Wet hands and apply soap Rub the palm of your hand and in-between your fingers Interlock fingers and use your palms to rub the outside of your fingers Clasp each hand and rub using the rotation Rub your finger tops over your hands Rinse your hands Dry hands thoroughly D2 – justify responses to a particular incident or emergency in health and social care setting. When you are working within a health and social care setting concerns may arise from specific incidents or
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