P5 Review Methods Used by Public Services to Ensure Diverse Work Place

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The role of the Public Services in promoting Equality and Diversity .The methods used by Public Services to ensure they have a diverse workforce
Are the following: * Bullying and Harassment at work Policies * Policies designed to prevent bullying * They state what should be done if it happens * State responsibility is up to the individual
Policy / procedures to prevent discrimination and promote equality and diversity: * Equal opportunities procedure * Grievance procedure * Bullying and harassment * Anti-discrimination * Complaints procedure

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Citizenship assessment

Equal opportunities - These policies are set out to say how employees should be treated in
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This means that three quarters of police officers are male. Estimates in 2008 put female firefighters in at just three per cent. In March 20009 the ethnic minority of police officers in England and Wales was 4.4 per cent, firefighters in 2008 were at three per cent and RAF 1.8 percent of ethnic minorities in 2007-2008 the percentage of ethnic minorities in the UK is 7.9 per cent. Services in UPS have to put many support mechanisms in place to ensure that diverse groups and individuals have equal access to do this they can: * have leaflets and websites available in different languages * information in audio and Braille format * ensure buildings are accessible * develop a diverse workforce to represent the community * have specialist training on issues of religion , culture, and disability * specialist measures for reporting crimes , and homophobic and hate crimes * use of minicom and mobile phones for texts for individuals with hearing problems * use of interpreters * Specialist equality and diversity officers . * Ramps and disabled parking spaces and wheelchair friendly doors and lifts
Also you may need to support employees needs to through organisations that represent the interests of the public services such as: * legal advice and representation * counselling and personal support * negotiations on pay and conditions * lobbying government on

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