P5 Segmentation

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Explain how and why different groups of customers are targeted for selected products at McDonalds (P5). • Describe segmentation • Explain demographics, Geographic’s, psychographics and why companies use these methods to segment the market effectively • Explain different methods used to segment markets e.g. ACORN, Mosaic • Explain the different target markets of McDonalds – identify 4 product ranges and describe in detail the target market for each product • Describe the different needs of each target segment • Use examples specific to McDonalds Segmentation Market segmentation is where marketers split the market into groups with similarities that would make it easy to target their product to the consumers, if they…show more content…
They advertise after 3 o’clock because that’s when most children get home from school as if they advertised before 3 o’clock then not a lot of children would see it; the happy meal would also suit the elderly as they won’t be able to eat a big meal. The saver menu would suit students and people who don’t have a lot of money; it would suit students as they won’t have to spend a lot of money on the larger meals and they can spend it more important things or going out at the weekend. It would suit people who don’t have a lot of money as they are relatively small portions and it is only 99p for a burger so it is a cheap. The portion sizes would be good for when people who aren’t particularly hungry or they are really hungry, as if they aren’t hungry they can get a medium meal, If they are really hungry they can get the large meals. This is good as it creates more of a target market for McDonalds to attract. The Fillet o’Fish as people who don’t like eating meat can get this instead of just getting chips, this is good as well as it McDonalds look like they are family orientated and they don’t miss anyone out. The McDonalds breakfast suits people who have to get up early as they do normal breakfast meals instead of a burger they could get sausage or something else. The hot drinks are good for when it is winter as people won’t want cold drinks as they would want warm drinks like

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