P5 – explain the legal and ethical issue in relation to the use of business information

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Legislation/Policy Explanation How Tesco complies

Data Protection Act 1998 The data protection act protects people who are identifiable from their information and data being shared. The information will be bank details, address and billing and some other personal details. Information is collected from club card registrations and application forms. They cannot publish these details and will be securely stored on a database. However the information can be used by Tesco for market research which may include taking part in surveys.
Freedom of Information Act 2000 This act creates a public ‘right of access’ to information held by public authorities. Tesco hold certain information that can be accessed by the public. At a fee of £10 they can
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Tesco will have a secure password protected database which data is stored and a record system of who has accessed or used the database to limit breaches.
Back ups Having a backup of data is important because if the data becomes corrupted or lost you will have it copied and stored so that you will still have it in future for if something goes wrong. Tesco will have a secure back up of information for if the existing data becomes damaged or gets lost. Backups can either be paper based or on another electronic storage system like a computer database, both will have to be kept safe and secure.
Health and Safety Employers must provide a safe working environment and equipment / uniform / signs to ensure the employees are as safe as they can be. Customers are also provided with a safe store to shop in and measures are put in place to ensure everyone’s safety in kept in tact Tesco provide uniform for its employees as well as signs and signals for particular areas for the safety of customers and workers. If standards are not met Tesco could face fines and other disciplines. Tests are regularly taken to ensure Tesco are up to date with laws and regulations for example the fire alarm system will be tested every so often.
Continuance Plans This is a document that has all the information a business needs to stay running if any serious events occur. In Tesco’s case it was the horse meat incident. The next steps
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