P6 M2

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P6: Describe how political, legal and social factors are impacting upon the business activities of the selected organisations and their stakeholders
M3: Analyse how political, legal and social factors have impacted on the two contrasting organisations

Political Factors
Political Stability
Political stability is crucial for Waitrose for many reasons. One of the reasons for this is because if the Government is stable it means there is a greater certainty and assurance within the business therefore allowing the business to make decisions without worrying that the business could go terribly wrong because of the government. Another reason why Waitrose like political stability is because it gives Waitrose a stable platform at which they
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If circumstances changed in this way, the possible outcomes will be that spending on certain areas of the NHS may have to be reduced and this may affect certain patients who need extra care because of their illness.

Legal Factors
Company Law
Company law can affect your business in many different ways because there are many rules regarding company law. There are rules on how to set up a business, limited liability, business names, requirements to keep accounts of the business and annual account need to be improved and set to the registrar of companies which deal with accounts for businesses in the UK. Company law affects Waitrose in each law I just talked about. If Waitrose were to go bankrupt then the limited liability limits how much a shareholder in Waitrose can lose I they went bankrupt. Also Waitrose cannot have their company name taken from anyone because of the business names law. Waitrose by law have to keep their accounts up to date and have a register of the shareholders and directors of its company because by law the government should be able to see their ‘books’ whenever they want so it is crucial to keep it up to date. The last company law is Waitrose’s annual account, these accounts need to be approved by the board of directors of Waitrose then these accounts have to be sent to the registrar of companies.
There is not a lot Waitrose can do to adapt on this influence because
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