P6 Unit 12

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Course: International Business Studies

Name company: Zara

Student name: Karen

Schoolyear : 2012/2013


Chapter 1: Introduction.
Chapter 2: Background of Zara
Chapter 3: Managing overload of market feedback and meeting higher customer expectations
Chapter 5: Technological challenges
Chapter 6: Maximum exposure to internet service providers (ISP)
Chapter 7: Cultural differences
Chapter 8 : Lower customer confidence
Chapter 9: Other globalisation related challenges
Chapter 10: Conclusion and Rescources

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The purpose of this rapport is to introduce Zara in a way not many people think about now, in this report we will be going back in time to the very
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Technological challenges

Technology is always changing or updating to work better or maybe to look better, to attract more people etc. Nowadays technology is used nearly everywhere and has become very popular. Computers are one technology that is used for many, many reasons by millions of people throughout the world. The internet is very important and many functions within the internet are used and updated/added to the internet to make ‘life easier’. Businesses that are based online such as Zara have a great advantage of using these functions but Zara is also confronted with the changes that are being made. Customers like to see things that are modern and ‘in with the trend’.

Home pages for example are the first page people will see and it has to be importantly eye catching and highlighted in the right way. Because Zara is known for its high quality fashion, their website is very direct and tight. The customer knows exacty where to find what product, Zara has made it very easy and comfertable for her customers. If the technology used behind computers is changed the employees will have to keep to the

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