P90x Research Paper

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There are a number of benefits to jumping on the bandwagon for the p90X workout program. It offers a tremendous routine that will deliver incredible results over the course of three months. And instead of blowing hundreds of dollars on workout equipment, you can complete the program with just three minor purchases. One of the pieces of p90X equipment you will need is a push up stand. The purpose behind having a push up stand is to increase the intensity you put out during push-ups. It allows you to go much further into the push up while still maintaining the proper technique. As you begin to shop for the right piece of p90X equipment, you will find that it comes in two different stands. You can choose between the stand push up bars or you can purchase the standard push up stands. It can be difficult to decipher the two and…show more content…
The base lies flat on the floor eliminating the possibility of the stand falling or cracking. It is vital you focus on the stability of your p90X equipment as this can have a huge effect on how intense you go during your workout. The next thing you will look at is the construction of the stand, as the standard push up stand is slightly angled to reduce wrist strains. This is a problem many people experience over the course of the 90 days because of how intense it gets over time. The reason for the strain is because all of your body weight is directed toward your wrist when doing push-ups. Having the slight angle allows you to go all out as it will create a lesser load on your wrists. The next feature to focus on is the grips of the stands. The grips are covered with foams to prevent hand strains and blisters, which frequently occur when holding a stand while doing push-ups. The foam grips provide an easy grip for you to grasp and eliminate the constant strain that is put on your
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