PATHS Reflective Report

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I mainly took part in the Postsecondary Access in Training Humans Services (PATHS) program that is on Texas A&M’s campus. In addition to that experience, I would take part in the Purposeful Life and several online training experiences. With these events above, I also took place in Future Aggie Mentor (FAM) that were offered through this class. Mainly my participation entailed helping students with disabilities with day to day activities. For PATHS, I was an instructional assistant in which I participated in three different types of courses. The three courses I took part in were a library resource class, a communication through movement class, and independent studies. With Purposeful Life, I was playing with the children and checking them in and out once they got to the room we were in. For FAM and the online trainings, I would say that I was on the other side of things, where people were helping me instead of me helping them. With all the programs and events I took part in, I believe that I was able to change some of my views and preconceived ideas of students and children with disabilities.…show more content…
Coming from a school where parents have a hard time valuing their child with a disability and comparing how supportive parents are in the Bryan-College Station area was truly a culture shock. From my experience, I believe that the parents of disabled children in the Bryan-College Station area have a better understanding and attitudes toward the goals that are set for their children and a belief that these goals are achievable, however I did not have the same positive experience in the school district from which I graduated. The philosophy that I witnessed growing up was that several parents would try to use their child’s disability as an excuse to get them further in
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