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Professional Capabilities Assignment

The Professional Capabilities Framework developed by the social work reform board and owned by The College of Social Work provides a structure to support the career development of every social worker: from initial social work education, through continuing professional development, towards the role of principal social worker. The framework provides criteria for career progression and opens new career pathways that will allow experienced workers to sustain engagement with the challenges and rewards of practice. Furthermore The PCF applies to all social workers in England (including independent social workers), in all roles and settings and so it is an essential
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In addition to my shadowing placement and notes from lectures I have obtained information from social work journals as well as independent study both of which have led me to understand the consequence of difference, a person’s life experience due to issues of diversity may include. For instance oppression, marginalisation and alienation as well as privilege, power and acclaim.

Rights, Justice and Economic Well-being;
Social work is based on respect for the inherent worth and dignity of all people as expressed in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights(1948) It is therefore of paramount importance that a social work professional should work towards promoting the best interests of individuals and groups in society. I very much recognize the contribution that social work brings to inclusion having worked alongside social workers during the course of my shadowing placement. I possess a real commitment to promote equality which I have had the pleasure of doing in a multitude of different roles. From academic journals as well as my lecture notes I now appreciate the central importance of using the fundamental principles of human rights and equality to underpin my practice, and the inherent need to promote justice in relation with the people I will work.
During my shadowing
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