PED 212: week 5 Final Project Essay

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Physical Education Kindergarten
Shatara Williams
PED 212: Foundation of Movement & Motor Activities
Instructor: James Woodward
February 03, 2014

LESSON PLAN Lesson Information: (Follow the Leader)
Date: 02/03/2014
Grade Level: Kindergarten (ages 5 and 6)
Level of Development: Kindergarten (ages 5 and 6)
Number of Students: 18
Fundamental Skill: Demonstrate locomotor skills (running, jumping, skipping, crawling, marching, and etc.)
State Standard: Georgia, The Georgia Performance Standards for Physical Education are founded on the National Physical Education Standards established by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education. (NASPE) The Standards suggest what a physically educated
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After I place the students in their groups I will then explain the rules and safety precautions at this time. I will explain that everyone would get the chance to be the leader and a follower. Each child will get 60 seconds each to be the leader so that every student would get a chance to be the leader. I will explain that the leader has to move around in different directions and not to perform hard traveling patterns for their partners. For safety persecutions I will make sure that they keep their distance from other groups so that they do not bump into another group. Any student who does not follow the rules would be taken out of the activity immediately and given an alternative assignment. At the end of the lesson I will tell the students that they did a great job and explain the importance of the lesson in a way that they could understand.
Equipment and Environment: The lesson will take place in a large area outside of the school free of any obstruction. There will be bright orange place markers so the children know not to wonder out of the designated areas.
Lesson Procedure
Introducing the Lesson: Hello class today we going to play follow the leader. First I’m going to demonstrate the roles of leader and follower. I’m also going to show you what you can and cannot do in this lesson. Safety, Rules, Protocols: The lesson follow the leader is a low risk activity. For

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