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Lesson Plan – 2 PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Unit Title: Personal and Professional Development Topic: Personal Swot Analysis Week 2 Time: Variable Duration: 5 Hours Lecturers: Module Leader: Joy Meme Venue: Variable No of students: Variable Lesson Objectives: 1.Understanding of the use and concept of a Personal SWOT Analysis 2.Completion of a Personal SWOT Analysis 3.Reading and discussion of the article-“How to Lead When the Generation Gap Becomes Your Everyday Reality” by Izzy Gesell Learning Outcomes (upon successful completion, students should be able to): Conduct a self-assessment inventory by doing a personal SWOT. Communicate ideas in an…show more content…
Understand types of learner and learning strategies 2. Critically analyse individual approaches to learning 3. Benefits of self -managed learning to the individual and organisation Learning Outcomes (upon successful completion, students should be able to): 1. Define own learning style 2. Evaluate approaches to self-managed learning and their benefits 3. Propose ways in which lifelong learning could be encouraged Previous knowledge assumed: Knowledge of own learning style Materials and equipment required: PPT slides, case studies, hand-outs Assessment method: Part of portfolio for Final Submission Notes on Differentiation
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