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Brainstorming Danika George BU105 W15 Section 7 Management Principles Dwayne Payne March 29, 2015 Miller-Motte College Online Programs I will be writing my paper on personality, attitudes, and job performance. This subject(s) caught my eye because I am currently working in a job (field) where I deal with people every day. We all have different personalities and attitudes and we all have to learn how to deal with them if we are going to manage or work in these types of environments. Also, we have to be satisfied with our jobs to have good job performance. Studies show that the number of people who are satisfied with their jobs is currently declining because people are not enjoying their jobs. So, I will write my paper on…show more content…
An attitude survey is a test or survey on the feelings of a population on a specific product, or company. These surveys can be useful for recognizing markets, and learning what demographics a company needs to concentrate on to uphold or increase sales, and measuring the market effect of announcements or events. Consistency is looked for more among attitudes and behavior. Job satisfaction consists of how the employee feels about their job. When other people talk about employee attitudes, they are linking this with job satisfaction. Job Involvement and Organization Commitment are similar because they are the gradation to which an employee relates with their job. The only difference is that job involvement is the degree to which an employee relates with their job, actively participates in it, and considers their job performance to be important to their pride and organization promise is the degree to which an employee relates with their job and its goals and wishes to maintain membership in that organization. Employee Engagement is when managers want their employees to be connected to, satisfied with, and enthusiastic about their goals. Self-esteem is part of adjustment. Locus of control is part of conscientiousness. Introversion and extraversion are part of sociability. Dogmatism and authoritarianism are part of intellectual openness. Traits are continua. People may be high, low, or in-between. Most people are in-between. Attitudes do not


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