Essay about PESTEL Analysis of Wine Industry

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Elif Sinem Saydam

A Macro-Environmental Analysis of the Wine Industry in Turkey
A factor that influence a company's or product's development but that is outside of the company's control is known as macro environment. In this paper, all dimensions that affect that wine industry in Turkey are investigated. It is important to observe the wine industry in terms of political, economic, socio-cultural, technological and natural aspects; it is called as PESTEL analysis. This analysis which provides the deeper look into this large sector can be found below.
Socio-cultural Environment
There is no significant change in the demographic side of the wine sector recently. However it is known that Turkey consists of
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Internet is so important channel. If the distribution problems cannot be solved, no wine producers can survive3.
Political Environment
The political environment is changing in accordance with the current government’s perception but it can be said that the wine industry has hard times.
Coşkun Güner2 says, “As we said in each platform, Turkish viniculture should be held as a government policy, because this product has a high added value. Because of high taxes, people cannot invest; it is hard to struggle in this sector with competitors”.
He also indicates that the “viniculture congress” must be organized. In this congress the wine sector should be discussed and the solution methods should be implemented2.
Legal Environment
Probably, the most important element of this analysis is legal environment including the restrictions and regulations. There are some examples of recently increasing legal restrictions in wine industry:
“It’s not easy to sell wine without having ads or ways to explain about the winery or show reviews telling how good a new wine is,” Ali Basman said1. The legislations about advertisement for whole alcoholic beverages begin to be very harsh in those days.
The regulations make the wine illegal for shops to sell alcohol between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. and to display bottles where they can be seen from the street. New restaurants and shops near schools or mosques can’t offer wine at all1.
Ardıç Gürsel says that, “If someone
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