PESTEL and SWOT Analysis of a New Sunscreen Brand Launch

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Mother Nature Executive Summary A common challenge that most consumers will face is ineffective sun screens. This has caused many people to begin to experience an increase in cases of skin cancer. The problem is that research has confirmed these challenges. Yet, no one has utilized the latest technology to create a product that will protect consumers and is environmentally friendly. This proposal is focusing on how this kind of merchandise can be marketed to customers to address this underlying need. The expected outcome is that these strategies will help to redefine how firms are delivering this product to cliental. Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction Environmental Scan New Product Concepts Target Marketing Marketing Goal Marketing Mix Recommendations 1.0Introduction Over the last several years, the total number of skin cancer (melanoma) cases in Australia has been rising dramatically. Evidence of this can be seen with statistics provided by the Cancer Council of Australia. They determined that melanoma is most common form of cancer for individuals between the ages of 15 and 44 years of age. To make matters worse over 1 million people are screened for this disease every single year. This is illustrating how some kind of increased protection is required to protect consumers against the sun's ultra violet rays. ("Skin Cancer Facts and Figures," 2012) In the case of Mother Nature sun cream, this product is designed to address these needs.

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