Essay on PESTEL of Rynair

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Strategic Management Module
Ryanair Case Study Questions
This report will prioritise to address clearly how to analyse and evaluate the findings of two questions. The selected company that will be used when completing this task is Ryanair which is known as 'the low cost fare airlines'. (Seminar Case Study, 2013).
The first question is as follows; 'With reference to the Airline Industry and Ryanair cases analyse the competitive environment of the European airline industry in which Ryanair operates'.
European Airline Industry is controlled by the Association of European Airlines which operates together with 31 most popular airlines and has been supporting the industry over 50 years. In order to sustain constant
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Oil factor has indicated high prices to Ryanair’s income statement, especially during 2009 as they have paid €1,257,062.

Source: (Seminar Case Study, 2013 p.p 620).
Social environmental factors are mainly influenced by demographic trends, specially the ageing population and by changing consumer preferences, which are very difficult to measure and predict as it is much linked to the price of the service. Ageing population impacts on Ryanair’s performance as it causes a shift in land transport, easier to access means facilitating elderly is essential that means they must land into central town/city areas. (The Times, 2012) Ryanair’s consumers have an enormous positive attitude towards web-check in system; it has become a social factor that consumers’ expectations are fulfilled strongly. (Seminar Case Study, 2013 p.p 622) Further social factors like terrorism and disasters lead to consumers to resist flying and stay at home which has an impact on the EU industry as a whole.
Technology has a crucial impact on Ryanair’s success and enables Research and Development system to exploit what basic standards that its competitors offer. Ryanair has taken an advantage of today’s technology as managers communicate conference calls through Skype which saves the company’s time and money. Internet, specifically has allowed the organisation to avoid lots of overhead costs. Existing “e’tailers’ website and web-check in
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